Industrial ceramic

Multi-purpose use: Our industrial ceramics

Type 9020 – Aluminium silicate up to 1,100 ° C

This is a material made of natural stone (pyrophyllite). In its unfired state, it can be easily processed with standard high-performance steel tools (for short production periods) and carbide-tipped tools or carbide tools (for longer production periods). In the fired state, this ceramic can be processed with carbide or diamond tools. This makes the material ideal for prototype construction.

Delivery forms of Type 9020:

  • Plates
  • Round bars
  • Discs
  • Square bars

Type 9600 – Aluminium oxide pre-burnt up to 1,360 ° C

This industrial ceramic is most frequently used for ceramic components. It is often used in aviation and medical technology. The aluminium oxide ceramic with its high purity is able to resist corrosive environments. Processing in the pre-burnt state can be carried out with carbide tools.

Delivery forms of Type 9600:

  • Plates
  • Round bars

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Examples of application fields for Type 9020 & Type 9600:

  • Aviation & aerospace
  • Automobile industry
  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • Heat treatment
  • Metallurgy
  • Petrochemistry
  • Plastic process & much more