Insulation materials

Insulation materials & safety gloves

High-temperature insulation fabrics are fabricated from both glass and silicate fibres. The resulting fabric can be finished with various coatings. In this way, an excellent wear resistance and insulation effect is achieved.

Insulation materials

  • Glass fibre fabric up to 1,150° C
  • Silicate fibre fabric up to 1,300° C

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Material & delivery form of insulation materials

The insulation material is free of ceramic fibres and very environmentally friendly. We further offer special designs with coatings, such as aluminium foil or other coatings.

Delivery form:

  • Yarn
  • Gloves
  • Rolled products
  • Tape products
  • Covers
  • Cords & tubes
  • Protective suits
  • Special designs on request