Ceramic fibre products

Ceramic fibre products

You can use this material for insulation up to 1,850 °C. Because of the chemical element weight ratio, the crust of the earth contains more than 82 % oxygen, silicone and aluminium. The inorganic textured ceramic fibre is manufactured from this raw material combination; therefore, it is fire-resistant and thermally insulating. State-of-the-art chemical technology allows these fibres to be produced by melting various oxides at high temperatures.

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We provide you with the following ceramic fibre products:

  • AES wool = High-temperature glass wool (bio-soluble)
  • PCW wool = Polycrystalline wool = Aluminium oxide wool (bio-soluble)
  • ASW wool = Aluminium silicate wool = Ceramic fibre


  • Ceramic paper
  • Ceramic fleece
  • Ceramic fibre plates
  • Mouldable ceramics as binder compounds
  • Special designs on request

Basic features of the ceramic fibre are:

Characteristics: Fire resistance, chemical stability & electrical insulation, thermal insulation, outstanding elasticity & sound absorption

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Polycrystalline wool

Polycrystalline wool (aluminium oxide wool), or PCW wool in short, is produced from aqueous spinning solutions in the sol-gel process. PCW wool consists of fibres that have an aluminium oxide content (Al2O3) greater than 70 % by weight. The sol-gel process first results in water-soluble green fibres, which are then crystallised by heat treatment. This kind of wool is usually used at operational temperatures of more than 1,300° C.

Application fields are for example:

  • Furnace construction
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Ceramics industry


  • Paper
  • Fleece
  • Plates


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