Forge Guard (forgery detector)

Forge Guard – your reliable forgery detector

Does your company suffer from forged products and unauthorised duplicates circulating? The unique Forge Guard technology creates a new security label with the best anti-forgery features and easy verification. Forge Guard labels are customised to your specifications. The labels can be read with a special label reader, similar in size and shape to a credit card. Nothing is visible on the product to the naked eye. Forge Guard only looks like a silver label with your company name or logo. Examples of use:

  • Reducing or eliminating forged products & grey imports/exports
  • Protecting your brand
  • Reducing or stopping loss of sales & profits

Why is Forge Guard better than a hologram?

A hologram is one of the most common technologies and it is widely used as a security marker. Nowadays, however, many manufacturers in developing countries are also capable of producing security tags with advanced hologram technology. Because of this, holograms no longer work reliably as anti-forgery tools. Forge Guard provides security thanks to its unique technology.

Forge Guard is available as a sealing label in the following formats: Square:
7 x 7 mm, 10 x 10 mm, 14 x 14 mm, 18 x 18 mm, 22 x 22 mm, 26 x 26 mm, 33 x 33 mm
Round ø:
7 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm, 22 mm, 26 mm, 33 mm


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