Cold air generator

Our cold air generators: Ultra-cold air down to -55° C

The cold air generator turns normal compressed air into ultra-cold air down to -55° C. One typical application for this cold air is the removal of heat from metal and plastic processes. The cold air generated shows its fine efficiency especially in processes with hard or highly viscous materials such as titanium pipes, stainless steel, Inconel and thermoplastics. By cooling a component or tool with the cold air generator, the cutting speed is increased, and the service life of the tool is maintained.

Cold air generators are also usually recommended for dry cutting magnesium alloys and other materials. They are also effective for cooling metal moulds, printed circuits, semiconductors and electrical control surfaces.

What cold air generators make possible:

  • Cooling metal during machining
  • Cooling during brazing & welding
  • Cooling plastic & glass
  • Cooling electronic parts

Do you have any questions about the exact function of our cold air generators? We will be pleased to give you detailed consulting – just contact us!

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Our models

We offer four different models for delivery. These different types reach temperatures from about -30° C up to about -55° C. We will be pleased to explain to you which cold air generator suits your requirements best during a detailed consultation.

Four different models available:

  • Type 140-55 SV up to approx. -30° C
  • Type 160-65 SV up to approx. -45° C
  • Type 185-65 SV up to approx. -50° C
  • Type 190-75 SV up to approx. -55° C