Cold air curtain

Cooling & operator protection: Our cold air curtains

Our cold air curtain is a low-noise system with significant savings in air consumption. The air volume directed across the width shows a significant gain of 20 to 25 times the air flow when in comparison with compressed air ducts and compressed air blow-out systems. The cold air curtain generates a flat air flow of compressed air being blown out through a narrow width gap. Air boost systems with common blow-out holes show only a fourfold increase in air flow. This means that they are only able to reach one fifth of the cold air curtain’s capacity.

Our cold air curtain is the effective solution for:

  • Width cooling of objects in strip processes
  • Cooling processes in automatic cycles
  • Operator protection & industrial safety

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Wide range of applications

The cold air curtain often forms an effective protective barrier between workers and heat, steam or smoke. It also makes it possible to cool and dry printing paper and to clean by removing powder and powder dust, for example during the process of pharmaceutical tablets. With unit widths from 150 mm to 900 mm, various cold air curtains can be formed.

In aluminium version, available in six different sizes:

  • Type 750-15: Total length 180 mm, air discharge length 150 mm
  • Type 750-30: Total length 330 mm, air discharge length 300 mm
  • Type 750-45: Total length 480 mm, air discharge length 450 mm
  • Type 750-60: Total length 635 mm, air discharge length 600 mm
  • Type 750-75: Total length 788 mm, air discharge length 750 mm
  • Type 750-90: Total length 940 mm, air discharge length 900 mm
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