Friction protection ZX1 Extralube

Effective friction protection thanks to ZX1 Extralube

Do your machines and materials suffer excessive wear due to high friction during use? ZX1 Extralube offers the solution to your problem. It is an innovative tool in modern friction/wear technology. For instance, ZX1 Extralube uses the oil present to transport the ZX1 molecules to the metal surfaces. This provides immediate long-term protection.

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ZX1 Extralube does the following

Reduced wear holds many advantages. ZX1 Extralube increases performance while reducing emissions, energy consumption and engine stress. In this way, it extends the life span of your machines up to eight times.

Further advantages:

  • Cold start protection
  • Protection against corrosion & wear
  • Abrasion surfaces are impregnated
  • Lower wear levels than the best synthetic oils

Delivery forms:

  • ZX1 Extralube: In 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 l, 4 l containers
  • Micro-Lube C: 60 plastic containers with pump spray system 300 ml
  • Needle point oiler: 35 ml
  • ZX1 super grease cartridge: 400 g or bucket 12.5 kg
  • Skin protection Barria: Plastic container with pump spray system 300 ml
  • Larger containers also possible


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