Thermoscale (thermal measurement film)

Thermoscale measurement films for heat distribution - SpotSee

The Thermoscale measurement films show the heat distribution between +80° C and +210° C. The display is made by the different colours and colour densities. This is done using a special technology that regulates the colours and their intensity. In this way, the thermoscale measurement film can correctly display a wide range of temperature values.

Examples of use:

  • Printing processes
  • Rolling processes
  • Lamination processes
  • Analysis in dry kilns

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A suitable film for every requirement

Thermoscale measurement films come in various sizes and for various temperatures. The films are available both as single sheets and in rolls for larger requirements. We will be pleased to assist you in finding the right film and size for your business.

Unsere Auswahl:

Film type Temperature range Delivery form Film size
Thermoscale 100C 80° C bis 105° C Roll 297 mm x 10 m, 0,09 mm thick
Thermoscale 200C 150° C bis 210° C Roll 270 mm x 5 m, 0,09 mm thick
Thermoscale 200C 150° C bis 210° C Single sheet 270 mm x 200 mm, 0,09 mm thick