UV scale (UV measurement film)

UV-scale measurement films for UV light

Our UV-scale measurement films are easily handled and useful helpers in many applications with UV light – regardless of whether the UV light radiates evenly or whether there are lighting deficits. The stronger the exposure to UV light, the stronger the ink density on the UV scale measurement film. There is a documentation software which can analyse the values exactly. Even without the software, it is easy to see the effect of the UV light on the colour scale.

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How does the UV-scale measurement film function?

The UV-scale measurement film consists of different layers. The layer on one side of the base film reacts sensitively to UV light. On the other side, there is a white, light-sensitive layer that changes colour according to the UV light intensity. This makes it easy to see the distribution of UV light on the exposed side. The base film and the opposing white layer clearly show the distribution of the UV light.

Delivery forms:

  • Single-layer film type (L):
    4 to 60 mJ/cm²
  • Two-layer film type (M):
    60 to 700 mJ/cm²
  • Two-layer film type (H):
    700 to 6.000 mJ/cm²