KAGER – Industrial products to rely on

Are you looking for solutions to your thermal challenges?With Kager, your search has come to an end! We offer you professional products and consulting for all sectors in the industry: From production and design to development and research as well as service and maintenance up to the laboratory and manual expertise.

Our portfolio includes:

  • High-temperature insulation materials
  • Textured fibreglass
  • Surface coatings (also usable at high temperatures)
  • Corrosion protection
  • Ceramic materials & ceramic fibre products
  • Aluminium oxide (Al2O3)
  • High-temperature adhesives & epoxies, casting compounds & coatings
  • Protective paints
  • Friction protection
  • Temperature indicators & measurement points
  • Thermal disinfection indicators
  • Temperature displaying colours & chalks
  • UV measurement films & forgery detectors
  • Fluxes, anti-slip films, dust-collecting mats & micro soldering torches
  • Cold air generators
  • Pressure measuring films

At KAGER, we have been supporting our industrial partners competently and reliably for nearly 40 years. Benefit from our experience:

Tel.: +49 6074 400930

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High-temperature products
High-temperature work always poses a challenge to the materials used. We have the right products for you and would be pleased to advise you.


Problem solvers
The industry provides new challenges every day. We offer solutions for all development and production stages for laboratories and manual expertise.


Industrial safety
Industrial safety is essential wherever work is carried out in hot environments or with hot materials – our products provide safety.


The Team
For our competent team, the goals and needs of your company are the focus of our consulting services. We will be pleased to help you.

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