Temperature measuring strips & points

SpotSee - Temperature measuring strips & points

In many industrial areas, reliable temperature measurement is essential. We provide both reversible and irreversible solutions for temperature measurement from -17° C to 1,270° C. Our products are suitable for the following applications:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronic assemblies & components
  • Aviation & aerospace technology & research
  • Motorsport & automotive technology
  • Transportation
  • Quality assurance
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology
  • Advertisement industry

Temperature measurement technology for all uses – contact us with any questions about our temperature measuring strips & points!

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Why is temperature measurement so important?

Quality assurance, preventive maintenance and avoiding warranty misuse are becoming more and more important for every company – not least in order to save or control costs. In our portfolio, you will find a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of proof of warranty and proof of steam sterilization processes.

The delivery forms at a glance

Reversible solutions:

  • Measuring strips
  • Measuring points
  • Refrigerator thermometer
  • Freezer thermometer
  • Inks
  • Powders
  • Films

Irreversible solutions:

  • Temperature indicators & points from 29° C to 290° C
  • High-temperature measuring strips with time profile from 250° C to 450° C
  • Low-temperature indicators CHILLCHECKER from -17° C to +20° C
  • Indicators for dropping below temperatures from +10° C to -10° C
  • Colours with single colour change from 80° C to 630° C
  • Colours with multiple colour change from 135° C to 1,270° C
  • Colour-changing chalks from 120° C to 600° C
  • Thermal disinfection indicators T.D.I.
  • Steam sterilization indicators SSI

Special designs are available for both types, also in combination of reversible and irreversible.